This is a true story of how to turn a R200 deposit into R2,101,636.81 in less than 3 minutes!

On Tuesday the 10th of June 2023 a player at Silver Sands Casino, S.K (Name abbreviated for privacy reasons), made a deposit of R200 and started playing on our progressive slot game Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold.

Within a few minutes this player won the Major Progressive Jackpot of R2,101,636.81 with a spin denomination of just R5!

All of us at Silver Sands would like to congratulate S.K on this wonderful win!
As we stand by our word that all valid bets will be honored, this amount will be paid out in full as per our terms and we wish S.K and all our players the very best with all future gaming endeavors.

Enjoy your winnings S.K and may you have many more wonderful days playing at Silver Sands Casino!
We value all of our players and take great pleasure in amazing moments such as this.